Julie Ann, The Curly, Afro Hair Styling and Extensions Expert

Julie Ann, The Curly, Afro Hair Styling and Extensions Expert

Julie Ann is one of the few in Alberta who can do magic with curly and Afro hair. She has been helping many Calgarians mange and care for their curls making them more beautiful. With Julie Ann you get the best curly hair style and care that will make your morning routine easy and elegant.

Julie Ann
Julie Ann

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why get Hair Extensions?

Julie Ann is specialised in hair extensions. Her answer to people who ask why should I get hair extensions is, hair extensions enhance the beauty of anyone's natural hair in amazing ways including:
Creating longer more full glam hair for fine and thin looking hair.
Adding colour without chemical change to your natural hair colour.
Creating instant length and volume for hair that would normally take years to grow
Instant transformation into a new look for someone who wants to change their look dramatically.

How will hair extensions protect my hair from everyday styling and climate damage and save me time?

Hair extensions are protective styling for hair that brakes from heat, styling and constant manipulation, as well as the cold weather climate. Braided and inter-lock styles saves people time daily on hair grooming once done.


Fusion Hair Extensions
Fusion Hair Extensions

What is the method of hair extensions that will work best for my hair type?

Julie Ann does over ten methods of Hair Extensions. She can always find the perfect method for your hair type.

How long should my hair be for adding hair extensions?

You should have at least 4-6 inches of your own hair in order to ad hair extensions .

How long will my hair extensions last?

Hair extensions last about 6 -to- 12 weeks before you need to get your extensions done again, depending on the methods.  Some methods can last up-to 3 months based on your hair style and hair growth cycle and speed.

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Schedule your appointment with Julie-Ann (Hair and lash stylist ) at Siroccos Salon and Spa.

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