8 Ways You’re Applying Your Hair Products Wrong (And How To Do It Right)

8 Ways You’re Applying Your Hair Products Wrong (And How To Do It Right)

At our SW Calgary hair salon, we often meet clients who want to try new hair products. The products we have in our salon, or the ones you have on your shelf at home, are perfect for achieving body, shine, texture and health to your hair – but only if you use them correctly!
If, when you use salon hair products, you don’t get the look you expected, chances are, you’re using them wrong.
So to help you achieve perfectly beautiful hair, here are 8 ways you could be applying your hair products wrong, and how to do it right:

1. Applying too much moisturizing product, from root to tip

For dry, limp hair, it can be tempting to apply globs of moisturizing product, such as leave-in treatments and conditioners, to your hair. These products are heavy, and applying large amounts will only weigh your hair down, with the added drawback of making it look greasy.
To apply moisturizing products correctly, use a dollop the size of a quarter and massage this into the ends of the hair only. Don’t apply it to the roots.

2. Spraying root-lifting product at the roots only

Just because it says root-lifting doesn’t mean it works ONLY on roots! To get the most out of your root-lifting product and for maximum volume, apply the product throughout the hair to give it more volume. Then blow-dry to lock in the benefits.

3. Holding the hairspray too close to your hair

The crunchy hair look is so 2001. But when you wholesale jerseys China hold the hairspray to close to your hair, you spray too much hairspray into one small area. Instead, hold the cheap nfl jerseys hairspray 12 to 18 inches from your head, and spray it at an angle downwards for light, even coverage. It’ll make your hairstyle soft, sexy and touchable.

4. Not rubbing in your dry shampoo

Dry shampoo works wonders between washes, but it’s meant to be rubbed in. If you don’t, the powder sits on the hair instead of absorbing oil from the scalp, letting the hair look greasy earlier. Plus, letting the dry shampoo sit on the strands makes them look grey and dull.
Instead, after applying dry shampoo, flip your hair over and use your fingers to massage it into your scalp to soak up any oils.

5. Using too much styling cream

It can be tempting to use tons of styling or shine cream to tame unruly or dull-looking hair. But the result could be cheap jerseys limp, lifeless and greasy-looking hair.
For long hair, you should use only a nickel-sized amount. Rub it between your palms and distribute it evenly throughout the hair, keeping it away from the roots. You’ll get the double bonus of perfectly tamed, bouncy hair.

6. Skipping the heat protector

Not applying a heat protecting product is just like heading out to the beach in July without sunscreen. You’re asking for trouble.
Heat tools, like flat irons and curling irons, can be very damaging to hair, so protecting your tresses is a must. Ask your Calgary hair stylist which product is best for your hair.

7. Going for drug store brands

They’re not all bad, but some drug store hair products use heavy waxes and synthetic ingredients that have little to no benefit to your hair. Hair salon products, on the other hand, are specially formulated with your hair’s health in mind. There’s a wide range of Rental products available, so discussing the best ones for your specific hair is crucial to having hair you love.

8. Double-shampooing

Unless your hair is nauseatingly filthy, shampooing twice usually isn’t necessary. It strips the natural oils from your hair, which can cause damage and excess oil production. Shampoo once, focusing on the scalp cheap mlb jerseys (avoid the ends) with a gentle shampoo that’s formulated for your specific hair type.Review Android Smartphone

Stop in at our SW Calgary hair salon for hair product tips

Getting advice from a professional Calgary hairstylist is essential to helping you choose the hair products that are right for your hair type and your styling Living regimen. Talk to one of our expert stylists at Siroccos Hair Salon in SW Calgary. Call us to book an appointment at 403-249-7373.

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