The Guide to a Perfect Hair Day



Here are some ways to combat you hair so it performs at its best Format: at all times!

  1. Brush hair out before showering, but use a wide toothed comb when hair is wet and fragile.  With curly hair, brush out IN the shower with a wide toothed comb and conditioner
  2. Choose hair products that are specific to your hair type.
  3. Treat your hair to a mask regularly.
  4. Wash your hair less often, as it dries the hair out. Gifts Use a gentle sulphate-free shampoo.
  5. Avoid towel drying, and blotnever rub – when you do use a towel. Find a microfiber towel just for your hair.
  6. Always use a heat protector when heat styling. Consider air drying if possible.
  7. Eat a protein rich diet to improve your hair’s strength.
  8. Message your scalp regularly to stimulate hair growth.

Hope these help!

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