Straightening Brush – Real Results

Straightening Brush – Real Results

Features & Benefits of the Ionic Straightening Brush?

  • Ceramic plate and bristles adjustable up 450℉
  • Silicone bristle tips protect scalp from heat
  • One pass technology
  • Perfect for all hair types and expertise levels

How to use the Ionic Straightening Brush?

  • Completely brush out hair prior to starting. Separate clean dry hair into sections. Never use on wet hair.
  • Take small section and place brush at the top of the section close to roots
  • Hold hair a few inches below the brush firmly and brush down from root to ends, letting go of ends before the brush gets too close to ensure fingers don’t touch the brush
  • Repeat these steps section by section until completed

TIP: You can hold the brush on the top of the section as you would brush your hair normally, or you can position the brush underneath the section and straighten hair from underneath to create more volume at the roots!

How to adjust and Set Temperature?

  • Once your tool is turned on, use the + arrow to raise the temperature to the desired heat setting.
    The tool will then automatically lock in the temperature you set, so even as the tool is heating up, you will not be able to adjust the temperature up or down.
  • To edit your temperature setting, double click the on/off button TWICE quickly.
  • Adjust + or – until desired temperature is reached. After a few seconds, it will lock new temperature in place to prevent buttons from changing temperature while you style!
  • To change between centigrade and Fahrenheit press “+” and “-” at the same time.


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