This is the ONLY Way to Get Rid of Split Ends

This is the ONLY Way to Get Rid of Split Ends

Your Pinterest feed and the internet in general is Do positively crawling with “pro tips” on how to finally be rid of split 6 ends and damaged hair.

Use coconut oil, they say.

Hot oil treatments are the cure, they write.

Leave-in conditioners are the answer, others argue.

The truth is, though, since the ends of our hairs are not alive, they can’t repair themselves. So the hard, cold facts are clear:

There’s only one way to get rid of split ends.

Visit your Calgary hairstylist. Split ends will only be a thing of the past after a haircut.

Our team of hairstylists at Siroccos Salon in SW Calgary often see clients come in with hair that’s been damaged and has split ends from tools like curling irons and flat irons, harsh dyes, DIY haircuts with dull scissors and even rough brushing.

We’re happy to offer consultations to our clients to help you find ways to treat your hair more gently and prevent split ends in the future. But for now, a trim is the only way to remove damaged ends.

That said, prevention is still the key to keep your hair healthy and looking gorgeous until your next haircut. Use these tips to strengthen your hair and prevent future damage.

How to prevent split ends

Brush gently: First of all, never brush your hair when it’s completely wet. Towel dry first, then use only a comb or pick to gently remove tangles.

Deep condition: Use a salon-quality deep conditioning hair product regularly. At Siroccos Salon, we have professional grade hair conditioners that infuse the hair with keratin Catering and other strengthening and moisturizing elements cheap jerseys to keep your hair stronger for longer.

Shampoo less often: The natural oils produced by your scalp act as conditioners wholesale nba jerseys and moisturizers for your hair. Shampooing less often helps your hair Lisi?ji stay strong, rather than getting dry wholesale nfl jerseys and brittle.

Go easy on the heat: Using heat tools, such as flat irons and curling irons, every day on your hair wholesale nba jerseys can be damaging, especially when heat is applied to the ends for long periods of time. Give your a Bekasi break without heat every once in a while.

Colour at the salon only: Don’t use drug store hair dyes! They can contain harsh chemicals that are severely damaging to your hair. Salon hair colour is safer and gentler on hair, plus your hairstylist can more easily help you get even colour all over.

Are you struggling with split ends and damaged hair? Come in to speak with a stylist at Siroccos Salon in SW Calgary today or call us at 403-249-7373 to book an appointment!

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